We built this new overhead
on a 30 ft Islander

New overhead on a sail boat in Annapolis

The new overhead is modular and can easily be removed with a few screws. This allows easy access to the fasteners that hold down the deck hardware. This access is critical if a piece of deck hardware should need to be rebeded in the future. The old overhead allowed no such access.

Notice the wooden braces where the overhead meets the cabin wall, they were used to hold a trim board in place.

The underside of the catwalk in the head was finished off with  Mahogany.

Our boat restoration and repair services in Annapolis 
MD offer the use of many popular woods such as teak, 
cherry and, mahogany. For the replacement of the 
headliner, or overhead, pictured above, we used a 
wood in the mahogany family. 
The old overhead was removed so that we could rebed the leaking deck hardware. The leaks caused the old overhead / headliner to become moldy and fall apart. The bolts holding the deck hardware on can be seen coming through the underside of the deck.

The new overhead being built.

Trim board covering the joint where the over head meets the cabin wall.

The new overhead in the head.